Storage and the Sonic Boom

Yesterday was the day that I moved the furniture and boxes into the storage unit. This was much easier than putting everything into the van and back feels fine now.

So why the title of the post? As part of the lease agreement you get some insurance for your belongings. I was reading through the list of events that are covered and it was the typical, flood damage, fire, etc..  

The not so typical, damage from civil unrest/riots. Thats ok, if the people of Frederick decide to rise up against the government and burn my storage unit I am covered.

And I am not joking, damage caused by Sonic Boom. I read this and thought WTF, sonic boom. How could you even prove that? Yeah all my stuff got knocked over and broke, it must have been a sonic boom.

It is near a municipal airport so you gotta watch out for all those twin seat prop planes breaking the sound barrier when they come in to land!


One response to “Storage and the Sonic Boom

  1. wow, sonice boom?

    I haven’t heard of much being effected by a sonic boom except an exterior window.

    Maybe an old guy’s heart, but I doubt it.

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