Rhode Island 70.3 Course Maps

So the course maps for the half ironman are out and I posted them below.

The swim map is not very helpful, it’s just go out .6 miles turn around and come back. The swim is in the ocean but is in a cove or some other such thing so it shouldn’t be choppy or have lots of current.

I was surprised by the bike couse and the elevation that is there. I thought Rhode Island was flat. I looks like about 500 feet of elevation gain between miles 16 and 30 but after that a lot is downhill so I pace it right I should be feel good coming into the run.

The run seems like it should be nice. It is two laps in downtown Providence. The fact that it’s two laps and is downtown means there will be a lot of spectators on the course and a lot of support which will be nice and probably needed at that point in the race.

The other nice thing is it looks like I will have an off Friday the week before the race. What I might do then is work an extra hour or two on Monday-Wednesday and leave in the afternoon Thursday and then come back Monday or Tuesday the following week. Once I get that finalized I need to book a hotel which is going to be expensive. 

Overall I am really excited about this race and am looking forward to the challenge. I know I can finish the race now it’s just a matter of how fast I go do it.


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