Weekly Summary

Swim: 7,500 yards

Bike: 102 miles

Run: 23 miles

Total Time: 12 hours 10 minutes

This was a good week. I got off to a slow start and only ran on Monday and Tuesday, I was able to fit a lot in at the end of the week and still feel good. I was planning on swimming 4 times this week but only got 3 in but other then that I did all my planned workouts. I can really feel improvements in my running and the pace keeps dropping for the same amount of effort.

Today was a 45 mile ride around Montgomery county which had more hills then I was used to. This ride went along a lot of back roads with no traffic up to sugarloaf mountain. I was really scenic with logs of horse and cow farms and not a lot of traffic. After the ride I ran for 2 miles. My legs felt really bad for the first five minutes and then started to feel good, it’s going to be tough at the half ironman race running afterwards.

Going from doing most of my riding on trails that are relatively flat and having to do an out and back loop to get my distance in I liked the fact this route made a big loop and the hills made it much more challenging and interesting.

On Saturday I went for a 7.5 mile run and then took the tri bike for a 26 mile ride. The run was around the neighborhood and uneventful, 8:40 pace not a very hard effort. 

I was surprised how fast I was able to get comfortable riding in the aero bars. Going from riding normal to riding in the aerobars was an increase of about 3mph on a flat road for the same amount of effort. I am really excited to ride on this bike more and get comfortable with it.

Next week is week 3 in the first “build” phase of the program. I am going to try and do a lot of my riding on the tri bike this week and see how that goes. 



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