Ankle Injury

My brothers graduation was Saturday so instead of doing my 8 mile run on Saturday I decided it would be a good idea to get out of the way Friday after dinner. So I went out to run at about 7:15 and ran the first 3-4 miles with my brother and then rest with myself.

I’m having a great run going about 8:30 minutes per mile for a long run pace which is great given my heart rate. It’s now about 8:30 and it’s totally dark out and I’m about a 1/2 mile from home. I’m running along and with my right foot step on a large twig/piece of wood about a half an inch in diameter and roll my right ankle really badly almost falling down. I catch myself and decide it would be best to walk back the rest of the way and it’s causing me a lot of pain as I’m walking back but it gradually dies down.

I hop in the shower and am going to ice it when I get out. Well I get out of the shower and it has swollen up a ridiculous amount. It’s look someone replaced the outside of my ankle with a grapefruit. This looked just like when I broke this same ankle several years ago so it was off to the hospital to get an x-ray.

The ankle wasn’t hurting much when I was at home and I could put weight on it but after the car ride walking up to the ER check in it was starting to hurt to put weight on it. It took about 30 minutes to get an x-ray. On Friday night in the ER I was very surprised it went that fast. 

While waiting to see a doctor I was very upset thinking I had a broken ankle and there goes my entire summer, no ironman or any of the other races, and since it’s my right ankle how am I going to get to work. I was pissed 4-6 months of hard work would be gone just like that by stepping the wrong place.

It turns out it was not broken. That was a huge relief.  The doctor gave me an air-cast to wear for a few days and said I need to see an orthopedists and maybe do some physical therapy before I start working out again.

I was able to set up an appointment for Wednesday afternoon with a sports orthopedists. Since injuring it on Friday I have been icing and trying to rest it. I can put all  my weight on it and walk around fine which is good. It is still stiff but that’s what happens when it heals. The one thing that worries me that it looks like this three days later.

The bruise usually indicates torn ligaments which would make this a longer recovery time. I’m going to guess that it’s a grade 2 ankle sprain, which indicates damage to the ligaments. The doctor is going to give me some stretching exercises to do and tell me to stay off it for the rest of the week and easy back into next week.

This week was suppose to be a rest week on my training plan with a lot less volume so I guess I will be getting a lot of rest this week. If it’s only a week or two I should be fine with my training plan and not miss much. If it’s more I should be fine to be able to complete the race but probably wouldn’t be in peak form so hopefully things go good on Wednesday. The fact that I am not in pain makes me think things will be all right.

On another note my horse racing prediction has been right so far and I made a nice $20 this weekend on the race.


2 responses to “Ankle Injury

  1. Wow.

    Glad that it didn’t put you out of commission this season.

    I convinced Sara to watch the Preakness and she really enjoyed it. Whats up with “Maryland, My Maryland”? Hating on Lincoln? … we both giggled at “Remember Howard’s warlike thrust” … .. related?

    I originally said that Gayego might have a chance (not looking into too much stuff), but once he was speeding in the beginning I knew he would turn out to be another ‘Preacher Man’. Big Brown is just awesome, I didn’t know he was that good. I mean, you could tell there was much more for him to give, and he has a rocket pack that he can turn on and off.

    I hope your ankle heals, and don’t try and get on it too early so that you can’t race. At least you didn’t break two ankles, they might have had to put you down.

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