Ankle Update

I went to an orthopedits yesterday to get my ankle checked out and it was not good news. It is a severely sprained ankle which means no running for 6 weeks. The doctor said I can begin jogging in 3 weeks with the brace on and running in 6 weeks. That picture was taken today and is my ankle after six full days from the injury. It’s very nasty looking.

The bruising is a result of ligament damage. According to the docotor I can expect the bruising to get worse in the next couple of weeks, spreading to the top of foot and toes. The swelling should continue on and off for a month or more.

I have to walk around with a lace up brace like this one for a couple of weeks. The doctor said I can still swim and I can bike if I keep the brace on. I went swimming today and didn’t feel to bad, so I might try some indoor biking tomorrow.

I haven’t had any pain in my ankle since Saturday afternoon which has been nice. It feels very stiff which is what I expected. But there is also the sensation of it being unstable and weak. I have sprained my ankle a few times before and it has never felt like this.

The main reason why I have to take it easy on the running is because the ligaments are weak and are going to be that way for the next month or more. If I sprain my ankle again in this state it would cause much worse damage, probably tearing ligaments and require surgery.

So what does this mean for my summer plans?

 This means I am 98% sure I am not doing the Rhode Island race. I left the 2% in there because it is passed the refund date so I might as well not cancel it and figure out if I can bike and swim my normal amount at a 100% I might do an “AquaBike” and just drop out of the run but I probably wouldn’t do this. Even if things go perfect and I can fully run six weeks from now that only gives me 1-2 weeks until the race and I don’t feel comfortable doing the race without being fully prepared.

I should be fine to do the Peachtree 10k in on July 4th. It will probably be more of an easy jog/run then an actual race for me. So I now need to rearrange my year and figure out what I want to do.

What I think I am going to do is race a lot of the Virginia Triathlon Series in August-October. These are a lot of Sprint triathlons which I can use to build up my speed before I move on to longer distances and I have the Nation’s Triathlon which I am looking forward to.

The main thing for the rest of the year is the Marine Corps Marathon in October and based on how running was going if I can get health by the end of July I think I can set a big time PR. I was wondering how I was going to fit marathon training with shorter distance triathlon training but I found a cool plan that I like. I bought the book and once I read through it I will write a post about it.

Looking ahead to next year I will do my first 1/2 Ironman races. By looking far enough ahead I can make sure I get into the two races that I really wanted to do. The first is Eagleman in Cambridge MD in June. I might actually go watch the race this year. The next is Timberman in New Hampshire in August. Hopefully by taking the extra time I get quicker and am able to qualify for the half ironman world championships.

I am going to try and take a positive approach to this and take the time to improve my swimming and biking as much as I can.



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