This was my first week of work so I have been really busy and trying to figure out how to fit in triathlon workouts within my day. So observations and random updates

  • I have a lot less free time when you work
  • My triple crown horse racing prediction is right so far
  • I love my new triathlon bike (I biked 130 miles last week)
  • I might do a spring triathlon on Sunday
  • I started running again and have ran abut 10 miles this week without pain
  • This makes my think I should do the rhode island 70.3 race bu I have to remind myself I’m not prepared and could hurt myself again
  • I wake up at 4:45 in the morning to go swimming, I wondering how long I can keep that up
  • We didn’t have power for two days, it just came back like 10 minutes ago
  • And Lou still thinks executable architectures are the answer to everything

2 responses to “Update

  1. hehe, some things never change (Lou). I can see him talking excitedly in his cube from his chair, then getting up to write something on a crowded white board.

    No power? Well at least you had to go to bed early then?

    I’m excited about this weekend, do you know when the race is? Care to write down your predictions, so that we can judge if they are correct?

    Sara just laughed for about a minute when I told her that you said that you have less time. You are probably even less used to it because your responsibilities the last semester were minimal. Conquering the world in RISK doesn’t count as a responsibility.

  2. That is exactly what Lou did. I was very hard not to laugh. I sit right across from Lou it has been funny this week.

    I posted my race prediction in a previous post, he is going to come in third.

    It’s a big jump from doig whatever I felt like all spring to having a busy day. Lou does have Battleship board game on his desk

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