I am officially an idiot

I think I gave myself heat exhaustion this weekend. I am not very bright.

As you probably know it’s been really hot  all weekend and early this week.

These were my workouts Saturday through this morning.

Saturday: 5 mile run, mid 90’s

Sunday: 45 mile bike including climb of Sugarloaf mountain. I tried get out really early to beat the heat but didn’t get going until abut 7:30 so it was going to be hot. The gas station we were going to stop at halfway through the ride did not open until 9 am so I only had half a water bottle for the last 20 miles, not much fun.

Monday: Hard swim in the AM. Afternoon hard 15 mile bike ride in high 90’s degree weather. I got to the end of ride and realized I hadn’t drank anything. Not a good thing.

Tuesday: AM run of ~4 miles, somewhere in the 80’s didn’t bring a water bottle, again not a smart choice.

After I got my coffer this morning and drove to work. I got to work and at about 10:00 I had some cracker for a snack and 10 minutes later I started feeling horrible.  I was really dehydrated and felt like I was getting ready to just pass out from exhaustion, not kind from being tired from lack of sleep but just no energy.

I wasn’t feeling good all morning and felt like I had a knot in my stomach. I went over to wholefoods to get Tums like medicine. I also picked up some lunch and brought that back to eat. I started taking a bite or two of sandwich and had to stop. I waited a couple more minutes and then tried to eat some more because I thought it might help give me some energy with no success.

After a quick dash to see my lunch again I figured it was time to go home. At least I got to the bathroom and didn’t have to use my trash can. I got home and slept for about 3 hours.

Warning signs of heat exhaustion include:

  • Heavy Sweating (Check)
  • Paleness (Check)
  • Muscle Cramps (Not full blown but a little bit of stomach cramps)
  • Tiredness (Check)
  •  Weakness (Check)
  • Dizziness (Check)
  • Headache (Check)
  • Nausea or Vomiting (Check)
  • Fainting (Nope)

8 1/2 out of 10 is not bad. I think I got it nailed down what it is. I still have a really bad headache, and feel dehydrated and exhausted but I am feeling better.

2 responses to “I am officially an idiot

  1. wow….you need to be careful!! i guess you’ll be EXTRA prepared for the heat on the 4th of july in atlanta….

    hope you are feeling better!!!

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