Nike Ads and Tiger Woods at the US Open

I really like what Nike has done with their ads lately. The SPARQ ads are really fun to watch, it’s essentially I work as my ass and I’m gonna kick yours so you better watch out.

The other thing they do a good job of is the timing of their ads. This ran last night when I was watching the US Open.

What makes the timing great is the fact Tiger  is coming back from a knee injury and this is his first tournament since surgery, he hasn’t competed in about 3 months. You could clearly see since the first day that his knee was bothering him. Then halfway though his third round he makes a swing and you can see it buckle and he is extraordinary pain.

Tiger regroups mentally and has an amazing birdie, eagle finish to take the lead at the end of the third round. He is clearly favoring his knee and adjusts his swing to try and ease the pain but you can see the discomfort on his face after every swing. 

Where you really see the mental toughness is the in the post round press conference. Quotes from his competitors where mostly “I’ve got to play my best round tomorrow to have a chance” and others along that line. It’s almost like everyone else has decided they are playing for second place.  

Here’s a sportscenter highlight that summarizes everything.

The difference was Tiger Woods attitude. “I’ve made a lot of mistakes and could make some better decisions.” When asked about his knee hurting during the swing he was honest in saying yes it’s getting worse, “It hurts but not when I’m making the swing only after I’ve hit the ball so I just need to block it out and make swing. I don’t know if it will be after a wedge or a driver so I just need to block it out.” 

He just keeps competing making adjusts and there’s no doubt in his mind he is going to get it done. If he holds on to win, the end of last night’s round will go down golf history and you will be seeing these clips over and over again.

By the way he’s 13 for 13 going into the final round of a major when leading or tied for the lead. 


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