Manassas Mini Tri Race Report


This was a really short race that I wanted to use to test out my ankle it was a 250 yard swim, 4 mile bike, and 1.4 mile run. I was 13th out of ~330 and 3rd in 20-24 Age group in a time of 27:18. I found this race on-line and based on last years times I thought I might have a chance to win. My time was 30 seconds faster then lasts years winner but I guess 12 other people had the same idea I did. This makes it 3 straight top 3 age group finishes for me.



The race was at the Prince William Campus of George Mason University. It’s a nice little campus. We got there about a half hour before the start and went and got the body marking numbers done without much hassle. I got to the transition area to rack my bike and was surprised to see how low the racks were. It should look like this.

 But the race director didn’t set them up correctly so could rack the bike by the seat. What I had to do was use a piece of string and tie my on by the stem. This would cost me some trying to put it back after the bike leg.

Swim (250 yards 4:24, 63th)

This picture sums up the swim well. I haven’t race a 250 but I probably should have been able to swim this in about 3:50 or 3:45. Since it was a pool swim they started everyone 5 seconds apart and you went up one lane and back down the next. Since I signed up after on-line registration was closed they had already seeded everyone by swim time so instead of being the 20th or so person in the pool there were only about 10 people after me. There was a lot of doggy paddling and breast stroking going on in this speed of swimmer and I had to do a lot of passing. I felt kinda bad bumping into a lot of people who you could tell it was their first race and they hadn’ been in the pool in a really long time. I lost time and wasted a lot of energy passing people I was disappointed I had to go off the back of the race but that’s what I get for signing up late.

Bike (13:24, 7th, included both transitions with long run from pool to bike so actual bike time was about 10-11 minutes)

Thetransition was a long run from the pool out to the bikes. I got on my bike and got going. It was a 4 mile race so I just hammered it the entire way. This was the first race with my new bike and it felt great. The course made a 1/2 star like shape and had 3 U-Turns so there was a lot of slowing and picking back up speed. There was a slightly downhill section were kept up 30 mph for a long time. I was worried about safety on the course because I was one of the last one out but it turned out to be alright. I average about 24-25 mph and given the slowdown for the turnarounds I am happy with that.

there’s me running back in to transition with my bike. My brother is in the blue. I had trouble getting my bike racked and actually had to lie it down on it’s side, that cost a couple more seconds.

Run (9:31, 28th)

Not a whole lot going on with the run It was an out and turnaround route. I was trying to break ten minutes so I’m happy with that. Just the like the bike I sprinted from the start and tried to hold on. I tried to turn it up a notch the last quarter mile but just didn’t have it today.



Stuck around to pick up my award. Before the awards ceremony They had two kids (probably 4-8 years old) duathlons were they ran around the parking lot, biked and then ran again. It was really funny to see becasue they had to do the run with helmets on and some these kids were getting competitive. 

As a note the kid that won broke 25 minutes which is fast. He was total ringer though. He competed in the ITU Junior World Championships a couple weeks and I think he was in town to visit family this weekend and did the race.   

Overall this was a fun race and is a good way for lots of people to get into triathlons and see how much fun it can be. I was a little disappointed with the swim but that’s my fault, if it fits in my schedule I would probably do this race again next year.

3 responses to “Manassas Mini Tri Race Report

  1. top 3! woohoo 🙂

    hope you aren’t thinking that for the peachtree!!haha

  2. Thanks, I had a really good race. I have no intentions of that high a finish at Peachtree.

    I think if I ran a 5k and the elites ran a 10k I would only be able to win by a couple of minutes. The 10k world record around 26 minutes.

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