Teen Pregnancy Pact and Expert Guests

Teen pregnancy pact.  I don’t really understand this one.

I heard about this story Friday morning and find it interesting because it brings up a lot of sensitive issues. I have watched some of the news shows on CNN, etc… This is who the ‘expert’ guests believe are at fault:

  • Hollywood for making movies like Juno
  • Celebrities because all celebrities have babies now and it’s cool
  • The economy because parents are too tired from working extra hours to show affection to their kids and the kids want babies to show them affection
  • The schools fault because they only teach sexed freshman year

How about this one. Some people are not doing a good job parenting. Not much more to it then that. But at least none of the parents tried to name their children this.

A fallout of the story is the school’s doctor resigned/was fired because he was giving out birth control to some of the girls that came in after a string of twenty or more pregnancy tests in a matter of a week or two. That brings up the question of schools teaching and offering protection to students. This resulting in my favorite news quote.

A women was on CNN as an ‘expert’ and was asked about the teaching of protection. Her response; “It really wouldn’t have mattered in this case, these girls wanted to get pregnant. They would not have used condoms if they fell off the condom and landed in their lap.”


I could totally be an ‘expert’ guest on some show. All you have to do is say something insightful/sarcastic/funny and just look good. I know enough about some issues to form a good opinion and I’ve got plenty of practice at the last part because that’s what I did at Georgia Tech.

‘Just sit in the back of meeting and look good’ I’m an expert at that.


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