Whites Ferry

I ride the ferry to work everyday. The mornings I go swimming I am usually out the door by 5am and on the ferry by 5:15 so there are not a lot of other cars, I’m usually by myself. Sometime I am even the first ride of the day.

This morning I am going across and about half way the ferry man (they don’t like when you call them that) came and got my ticket. He then went back towards the booth and started smoking like he usually does.

I was watching him in my side mirror and he is looking over the side of the ferry very intently. He walks to the throttle and turns the engine off. I am curious what’s going on at this point. Next he hops right over the side railing. 

If you didn’t ride the ferry often you’d think he just jump right in the Potomac. He was actually leaning on the engine off to the side. What he was doing was removing a stick from one of the pulleys that probably got lodged overnight.   

One response to “Whites Ferry

  1. Heh, awesome. that ferry was sort of fun, i suppose it gets old if you do it everyday.

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