Pavement 1, Andrew 0

I had my first bike crash on Friday. It was bound to happen, it’s just part of riding.

I was out doing what was suppose to be a 45 miler as rehearsal for the Rhode Island race. I was 20 miles into the ride and turned onto Bealesville road. They had just started doing a repaving project and were tearing the road up and were only done with the right side of the road.

I was on that road for about a mile, going slowly because it was bumpy. I came up to one of the flag guys for the one lane traffic. He had me go down the right, unpaved side and said I should go down that side until I run into the workers.

I went down the road for about another half mile and ran into the paving machine, I went to go to the left and was completely oblivious to the fact that paved half of the road was about a 1-2 inches higher then the unpaved side.

My wheels got stuck on the low side and I fell on my left side and skidded on my hip. Luckily I was only going about 10-12 mph so It could have been worse. I got myself back up and started peddling, everything on my bike was fine but I had some bleeding so I went home.

I cleaned up and checked out my bike, it looked fine but I took into the triathlon store anyway and they said it was alright. One of the bottle holders on the back got deformed and the left pedal and side of the handlebar has scratches but that’s it. I got really luck there was no damage.

Here is my hand and ankle from today.


Those don’t look to bad and I got home and wiped those down. I felt some buring below my left hip and thought I wonder what that is. Thisis what it was.

The one my hip looks bad but it doesn’t hurt that much I was actually able to go riding on Saturday and I had a race today

4 responses to “Pavement 1, Andrew 0

  1. ouch. I hate scrapes. And those kind normally come with a bruise underneath.

    Sara and I were flying in from CT last Tues, and we could see Buckhead and Midtown. I was like “We are going to run from … there.. to .. there.” Looks impressive from the air.


    hope its healing ok…& i’m glad it wasnt more serious!

    looking forward to seeing you this weekend!! 🙂

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