General Smallwood Triathlon-International Distance

Olympic Distance: (1500 m swim, 24 mile bike, 10 k run)

Summary: (2nd Place in AG, 55/160 Men 2:34:17) I had a decent race the goal was to go really hard on the bike and see if I could hold on for the run.


Prerace: The race was a general smallwood park which is southof DC on the Maryland side and has a little cove that has access to the Potomac River. I stayed down near the race in La PlataMD I was familiar withthe area from Baseball tournaments. My brother stayed in the hotel with me and my parents drove to see the race Sunday morning.


The prerace was uneventful. I got there set up my transitionarea found a bathroom and headed down to the swim start.


Swim (30:07, 82nd)

The water was 85 degrees so no wet suits. I got in andwarmed up for  little bit. I saw someone with an NC State swim cap and those fancy full leg swimsuits. I recognized him from the ACC swimming championships that were at Georgia Tech over the winter. Turns out he was part of a relay team and swam an 18:00 1500m, and was about 3 minutes faster then the next person.

Everyone walked down to the dock and jumped in for a “deep water” start. This was my first time doing this everyother swim I have done was either a beach start or in a pool. 

I was a little disappointedwith this time I was hoping to swim a 28 or so. I just had a hard time getting into a rhythm anddidn’t do a great job sighting again. The course was a triangle that you swam around twice. Coming back toward the pier on the last leg of the triangle there was a lot of hydrilla which is like a sea grass. It wasn’t as bad as this picture but it was enough that you actually had to fight to get through some of if and it messed wit my rhythm.


I think I need to push a little harder when I am swimming because I didn’t really feel that tired or that I was working hard. Like usual I need to improve the sighting andstaying with a good rhythm.

T1 (3:20, 61rst)

Once out of the water there was about a 10th of a mile or so run to the transition area. I also took the time to put some socks because of my cut on my ankle from the crash so I figured I would try to avoid any rubbing on that.

Bike (1:07:08, 18th)

This was what I was really focusing on. My GPSunit actually measured the course at just short of 25 miles which is an average of 22.3 mph. The course was fairly flat with a couple of little hills. I was really happy with this time. As you can see from the picture I got myself some new race wheels and one of those aero helmets. I wish I was on the aerobars in this picture but I was right near the transition area and the guy in front of me was trying to do the take the shoes off while biking dismount and was all over the place so I backed off to give him so room. 

Overall a great bike race. One issue I had was hydration and calorie intake. I had the water bottles behind the saddle because I don’t like the aero bottle that I have. To get my drink I had to come out of the aerobars and slow down a lot. Also I didn’t bring any gels which wasn’t a good decision. This would come back to get me on the run.

T2 (1:02, 43)

Not much going on was fairly quick

Run (52:48 92)


The first mile and half sucked. My legs felt like garbage. After a few miles I started to feel better and ran the last mile fast. The spikes are from when I stopped to walk at the aids stations and get in some fluids.

I think the fact I didn’t eat and drink enough on the bike hurt me some on the run but given how I felt being able to run this time was good.



I thought I hadn’t come in the top 3 in the ag because I saw two people in 20-24 AG pass me early on the run andI figured I wasn’t the first one out on the run course. It turns out they were both doing the sprint race and I wound up in second.

We stuck around for about an hour until the awards. It was actually a neat award it was a chair with the race logo on the back.


 I am really glad I was able to do this race before Rhode Island because I learned what it’s going to be like to run on tired legs, you don’t get that in the sprint races. I also saw how important nutrition is going to be.

I starting to reduce my training volume and taper down over the next two weeks for the 1/2 IM race.

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