Monthly Archives: June 2008

Weekly Summary

Swim: 7,550 Yards

Bike: 87 miles

Run: 12 miles

I found my new swimming location Ida Lee park. What I think I am going to start doing is swimming M,W,F morning and then running T,Th mornings as part of the marathon plan I am going to start shortly.

I did a 45 mile ride on Sunday that included a climb of Sugarloaf and was a good ride. I went out really early to avoid the heat and worked out alright. The only problem was the gas station at the half way point wasn’t open yet so I was running out of water on the second half of the ride.

I started doing a little bit of running this week. I was pain free the entire time. I still need the brace, I could feel it wasn’t 100% yet. I did a couple of 2-3 mile runs and a 4 miler. This week I am going to try and do some 6 mile runs and see how it feels.

I am trying to figure out what I am going to for the rest of year with races because if I put a light brace on after the swim I could do some sprint triathlons now. I think I am going to do several events on this Virginia Triathlon Series.  


This was my first week of work so I have been really busy and trying to figure out how to fit in triathlon workouts within my day. So observations and random updates

  • I have a lot less free time when you work
  • My triple crown horse racing prediction is right so far
  • I love my new triathlon bike (I biked 130 miles last week)
  • I might do a spring triathlon on Sunday
  • I started running again and have ran abut 10 miles this week without pain
  • This makes my think I should do the rhode island 70.3 race bu I have to remind myself I’m not prepared and could hurt myself again
  • I wake up at 4:45 in the morning to go swimming, I wondering how long I can keep that up
  • We didn’t have power for two days, it just came back like 10 minutes ago
  • And Lou still thinks executable architectures are the answer to everything