Travel on the 4th of July

Yesterday was a long day.

I got to the airport 2 hours early for my 6:30 flight which is what I like to do. I do the whole check in thing and my flight is delayed until 8:30, oh well I’ll deal with it. I’ll just hang out and read some magazines and do some people watching.

The airport was a zoo, obviously everyone was coming back from the holiday weekend and a lot of flights were delayed.

 (Not Atlanta, just random pic)

What I don’t understand is the way that people react to the news sometimes. I understand if you have a connection and that gets all messed up and requires some headache. What I don’t get is the people that decide to make a scene out of it or start yelling at the ticket counter attendant.

The way I see it, it’s not the ticket attendants fault you got delayed. Yelling at them just removed the slight chance that they would be able to be able to help you out. Sucks for you.  


Getting on the flight two hours late we boarded and headed down the runway and got in line we got to the turn around and the pilot comes on to tell everyone that they don’t have our flight path finalized and we need to wait for that (i.e. storms at/near Dulles that we need to wait for). We kept the engine on for the twenty minute wait. It could have just been me but it kinda smelt like jet fuel in the cabin. Whatever I was smelling went away after we got in the air.

Probably about a half hour out from Dulles I think we caught up to the storm we had to wait on earlier. Durning part of the decesent from cruise altitude we hit some turbulence that was one of those “bump, drop, bump” types. The flight attendants were still serving drinks at the time and person in front of me got a lap full of giner ale.

Coming in for the landing I think we were a little lower then the pilot would have liked so the engine got throttled up a little bit more then usual. This resulted in a long roll out and listening to those thrust reversers work extra hard.

I got to ride one of these guys back to the main terminal. For the first time I didn’t zone out the welecome message. Did you know these are “modile lounges” and that they allow you “unfiltered views of the flightline and the interworkings of Dulles International Airport” ?

I pay my parking ticket and head out to the Blue lot on the shuttle. We stop at one of the first drop offs and some guy is waiting there and tells the drive he can’t find his car and was waiting for help for over a half hour. I think to myself, what a jackass why didn’t you write down where you parked.

Well isn’t karama a bitch. I hop out at my stop and look around, huh my car isn’t here. This is where I usually park at. I know I’ll just look on the back of my ticket where I wrote down where I parked at just in case I forgot. 

Yeah, it turns out I left it on the plane on the way down to Atlanta. No problem I’m probably somewhere around here. I’ll just walk around and find it. No such luck. Oh here comes the start of that thunderstorm we were trying to avoid on the flight. So I call the parking office and get someone to help drive me and find my car.

This guy swings by in the pickup and drives me around to find my car. The guy was driving like a bat outta hell. He would go like 45-50 down the parking ailses and stop signs were strickly optional. I think we almost got hit three or four times. We drove around for a while and eventually found my car.

I usually try to park in the back left corner of the lot. On Friday I came in a different entrance and parked in what I though was the back left corner. Well it turns out I parked in the back left corned of the first part of the blue lot, not the second part where I am normally at.

Then I got to drive home in a very bad thunderstorm with what I would call terrential downpours.

At the airport about 4:30 back home about 1:00 am.

At least I didn’t have to work Monday.


One response to “Travel on the 4th of July

  1. OHH no!!!! I’m so sorry to hear that your return trip was so crappy!! glad to hear you made it back safely…albeit quite late!!

    come back soon!!! 🙂

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