In Providence [Edit Updated Race time]


I am safely in Providence, RI for the race on the Sunday. In case your are interested you can track my progress on line Sunday morning at they will put up the splits for the swim,bike, and run as they happen. I will post my race number when I get it but you can also search by name. My swim starts at about 7:00 I think it might be 7:30 I’ll know more later 7:04. But rough guess on times swim 35-40 minutes, bike 2 hour 40 min to 3 hours, run about 2 hours.

The hotel is really nice, it’s the first hotel I’ve stayed in that has an HD tv. I wanted to go to Newport today bu didn’t get the opportunity because the ride up here took so long, driving through New York sucked.

Adam had his bike shipped here from CA so he needed to take it out for a ride today to make sure everything was ok. We are staying in downtown Providence and decided we would try to bike around downtown. We talked to valet parker and he told us about a big path near the canal. We headed down that way but it looked like we were getting ready to head onto I-95 so we gave up on that.

Heading back towards the hotel we saw another triathlete so we biked over and asked him if he knew where he was going. He said no, he was just doing laps from the capital to Brown and around downtown to follow the run course.

We did a lap with him, and what an F***ing nut job this guy was. He had no regard for the fact that he was biking through the downtown of a city. He was all over the place on the rode and assumed it was every cars resposibility to stop for him. We made it one lap with him and that was it.

Going over the run course it is a lot hillier then I thought it would be. It’s going to be tough.

I’m heading over to Boston for the day tomorrow. I’ve never been there before so it should be fun and I should have lots of pictures.


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