Trip to Boston

We took a trip to Boston for the day. We used the Amtrak to go up there. It was the first time I used a train for city to city transportation and it worked out really well. I got to read the paper and there was only two stops before ours.

Boston was an interesting town it is a very gritty and historic town.

First stop was to the capital

House of Representatives

At least they won’t get confused when it’s time to vote

We went and saw a lot of churches and other things along the historic walk. Some of the places cost money so we didn’t go into those.

I thought the graveyards were interesting to see the how old they were.

They also had a mini Washington monument obelisk which resulted in some good pictures.


After that we went over to the Sam Adams brewery

They gave you a label to designate which tour you were in. It made me feel like Charlie and Chocolate Factory with the golden ticket.

Unfortunately there weren’t any of these guys:

The tour guide did a great job, he was really funny. He went over the entire process and what makes Sam Adams unique.

 The brewery in Boston is actually an R&D and quality facility. They are having a contest to figure out what the new beer flavor should be so I got try them both and vote. Lots of fun, hopefully mine wins it was a blackberry flavor vs a coffee flavor. I voted blackberry.

Then we got to go the tasting room.


After Sam Adams we took the train over to MIT, got a late lunch and wandered around a bit.

MIT was kinda weird, it didn’t have a ‘campus’ feel to it, I didn’t like it that much.

After that we went back into downtown and did some people watching at the Boston Commons park. The population of Boston is much better looking then I thought it would be. It was an interesting park, it had a little pond you could go in and lots of people hanging out and walking around. They actually had a little league game going on in the park as well that I watched for a little bit.

We tried to find some decently priced seafood down by the waterfront but that wasn’t going to happen so we into an small dive bar to grab a couple drinks, and then got some Asian/noodles food for dinner. Hopped on the train back to Providence and that was it.


I love the Boston accent, it makes laugh when I overhear people’s conversations and certain words being said.

Oh, and everyone was wearing Red Sox gear. I wonder if everyone was this in love with the team when they weren’t winning? If they have always raised kids like this here then that provides the answer to my question.


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