What to do next

I need to decide what I want to for th rest of the year in terms of races. I definetly want to do another half ironman this year but I need to figure out which one.

  1. I can do the Patriots Half on September 7th in Williams burg, VA and still be able to do the Marine Corps Marathon in October.
  2. Or I can do the the Longhorn 70.3 in Austin Texas on October 5th. This mean I would probably not do the Marine Corps Marathon and do an early spring marathon instead. 

I think I would like the Longhorn race better because it’s an Ironman race ad I really enjoyed that big race atmosphere in Rhode Isand. The problem is it will cost more money, and I would need to reschedule my marathon plan, but that’s not a big issue. Adam is also doing this race.

The Patriots Half is a smaller “local” race so it would cost less. The family would probably be able to see the race which is nice.

I need to think about this and try to come up with a choice in the next week or sooner.


I’ve been taking it really easy this week. I didn’t do anything on Monday and then Tuesday and Wednesday I went in the pool and did some technique work. I went running for the first time since the race this afternoon and my legs felt like crap. I think I need to take it really easy the rest of the week to make sure I don’t hurt myself, I may even go get a massage this weekend.


I also went to a Frederick Keys game today. It brought back a lot of good memories, I went to a lot of these games growing up and use to be one of those kids fighting for a foul ball. In high school one of the leagues I was in had games at the axillary field there and we actually played a few games in the stadium. That was actually a really good team, I was one of only a few guys who didn’t play in college so we really dominated that league. Lots of funny times and stories playing games with that team. 

Earlier in the year former Georgia Tech catcher Matt Weiters was playing with the Keys but he was doing so good the Orioles moved him and his six million dollar signing bonus up to the double A team.



It has also been brought to my attention that I have yet to actually come up with a name for my blog. I was thinking about when I first started writing and got stumped so I just left it. I was waiting for an “a ha” moment to hit me with the correct name but it hasn’t happened yet. I’ll start thinking about it again and try to come up with something good, but any suggestions would appreciated.

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