Ironman Rhode Island Race Photos

Here are the professional Photos from the Race


This one is from when I was getting ready to go for a swim on Saturday after checking in the bike. Ah it’s so white I’m blinded. It’s more of the lighting from the photo then my awesome farmers tan, but I do need to spend some more time at the beach. I might play around with this one in photoshop and see what I can do.


Getting out of the water. I’m not picking a wedgie I’m reaching to unzip the back of my wetsuit so I can take it off.

Getting started on the bike

Out on the bike course

Out on the run


Finishing up. Subtract 1:05:00 for my time, and considering the half hour lost with the flat tire issues I’m happy with that. Sub 5:40:00 is very achievable for next time.


Post Race picture.


One response to “Ironman Rhode Island Race Photos

  1. Amica Corp Comm

    Just wanted you to know that staff at Amica who worked the Ironman have enjoyed reading and viewing your blog. It’s nice to hear the comments of someone who took part. If you have any suggestions from a participants’ point of view for next year — we’d love to hear them. It was exciting watching all of you come through. Thought it was a course that showed off RI to many who’ve never been to Little Rhody!

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