Year to date summary

So far this year:

Total workout time: 258 hours 34 minutes average 9 hours per week

Total Swim Distance: 169,082 yards average 6,038 yards per week

Total Bike Distance: 1,896 miles average 70 miles per week

Total Run Distance: 409 miles average 14 miles per week


I am satisfied with this for the first half of my inagural triathlon season. For a non rest week those averages are a little higher and I did miss some time with the injury and moving but I did a very good building a good base without doing it to fast and hurting myself.

Looking at the numbers I definetly need to spend more time running the rest of year. If I can get my average up to a consistent high 20s week I should see some big improvements. 

I have a good endurance base with my swimming and now I need to take some time to improve my technique. I probably should have done it the other way around, technique then endurance but oh well.


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