Back on the Wagon

After deciding what I want to do for the rest of the year it is time to get back to some serious training after taking it easy last week.

Monday started with an early morning swim. This was the first time I had gotten up at 4:45 in my morning for swimming in a while. It wasn’ to bad and I enjoy the feeling of getting a lot accomplished really early in the day and find it gets me going for the whole day. For the rest of the year I am going to spend a lot of my time working on technique and hope that pays off in some faster swim splits.

Monday afternoon was the first workout of my marathon training plan. I decided I am going to use the Furman Institute of Running & Scientific Training plan from the book I have. Instead of traditional high mileage plans that have you running 5-6 days a week this plan is based on three key workouts each week and then cross training, this workouts great for triathlon training. The workouts are focused and difficult and I found that out on Monday.

Monday was a track workout of a 10 minute warm-up, 3×1600 m (~1 mile) with 1 minute of rest, and a 10 minute cool-down. I Doesn’t sound to hard but what makes it tough is the pace.  My splits where just under 7:00 for the first two which was the goal and the last was at 7:15 which was little slow, the lack of rest between sets got to me. Tomorrow I have a tempo run to look forward to.

I want to wait a couple of weeks and then I am going to write up what I think of this plan but it looks like it should result in big improvements.


Today I went on one of my favorite bike rides in the area up to Sugarloaf Mountain.

I really like biking this route and climbing up Sugarloaf, it is very challenging and scenic. You go through rolling farmland, old churches, and small towns without a lot of traffic. This route brings out a lot of cyclists from DC and the surrounding area. You get a good mix of the really good bikers with their team gear on, some triathletes, the groups of older people out getting some exercise. And lastly is my favorite that I have seen out here a few times….


The unicycle guy.

Yes there is a guy on a unicycle out on the road. I have only seen him when he is going up a hill and it was a fairly step one, I wonder how fast he goes when going downhill? It seems like he is really good at it though and can move along fairly fast. This is the second unicycle guy that I have seen this year, the other was back in Atlanta at running trail in the Chattahoochee park. The Maryland one seems to be much better though.

One response to “Back on the Wagon

  1. I still have a goal of obtaining and learning to ride a unicycle. Someday… someday…

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