My name is Andrew and I have a problem…

…with buying triathlon related things.

I was out in the garage today after I got back from a run and noticed all of the triathlon related things that I have accumulated in the last ten months and the amount of money I have spent.

It began with getting a rode bike with my winnings from the Vegas trip.

There was also the purchase of bike clothes, shoes, helmet and car rack at this point.

Next was a wetsuit because you know it’s cold swimming in those early season races.

I did my first race and figured triathlon specific bike shoes would be a good idea

Then I got some fancy running shoes. I actually like these so much I just a new, lighter pair for races today.


After a few more races and when I was really sure I am going to be doing this for a while came the triathlon bike purchase.

Well you can’t have a fancy triathlon without an aero helmet and a set of race wheels. It’s just one of those things you have to do.



Then there was the Ironman race in Rhode Island and everything that went into that.


This doesn’t include all the race fees, hotels, and other triathlon related clothing purchases I have made.



On second thought…

Maybe I don’t have a problem. I enjoy all the aspects that go into triathlon training and racing. I love putting in the hard work and seeing the results, which have been surprising good so far. So I am  going to go with no I don’t have a problem.


Note: Based on the title of my last two posts I may be getting some traffic from A.A. related searches in the next few days.

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