Busy Weekend

Joe was in town this weekend so I spent it hanging out with him and fitting in my weekend workouts.


This was a day of doing some of the non mainstream DC Tourist things. I met Joe in DC and we picked up some tickets for the Washington Monument tour. We also picked up tickets for the bureau of printing and engraving tour.

Then we walked over to the Jefferson Memorial. I rarely make it over here when I visit DC and it is a very inspirational monument, Jefferson is a very smart guy.

We heading over to the captial to try and get tickets for a tour. Unfortunately they only had tickets for the same time as the Washington Monument tickets later in the day.

Next was the library of Congress. I had actually never been in here before. The architecture and decorations on the inside where fantastic. We spent a lot time in here looking at exhibits. The section on Native Americans and the Europeans was very interesting.

I need to find a reason to come and use the actually library, that would be really cool.

Next we stopped by the Supreme Court, unfortunately the actually courtroom was closed for renovations.

After that a quick lunch and back to the Washington monument.

I have never been to the top of the monument which is kind of sad considering I have lived near DC my entire life. We got lucky with a clear day and had some great views.

After that was the bureau of printing and engraving. This is where they make the money. It was a quick tour taking you through the steps in the process. You weren’t allowed on the factory floor, which I can see why they do that but it was kind of disappointing.

Next we had some time to kill so we went over to the air and space museum. They had two new exhibit since the last time I was there. One was about civil aviation where they had a few mockup cockpits that were interesting.

There was also a new exhibit about UAVs. They are going to play an even bigger role in the armed forces as time goes on. I personally belive it won’t be to long until we start to see more unmanned then manned vehicles out there.

Next we headed back to Ballston and got some dinner at a very good Lebanese place.


It started off with a 13 mile run as the third workout of my marathon training plan. This is the first one I have done in a while. I didn’t leave enough time after eating before I started running and had what can be referred to as “gastrointestinal distress” so I got a quick 2 mile loop back home that I wasn’t planning on. The run actually went really well. I was able to hold the pace I was looking for and felt like I not was working working hard at all.

In the afternoon we went over to the Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport. This is another great museum and must see if you are even sligthly inerested in aviation.

Next was the always good Gordon Biersch over in Tysons Corner.


Started with my long bike ride. I put together a couple of after work loops and made a 50 miler that included a climb of sugarloaf again. I average just under 18 mph for the ride and considering I was on my rode bike and the climb I am happy with that speed. The weather was cool and ride was good except for one spot they where repaving which made me hesitant based on my past expirences.

Some thunderstorms where going through so we waited until the afternoon and went to the DC fish market to pick up some fresh fish to grill. I wound up getting some sea bass and shrimp.

Joe also picked up some octopus. I had never had that before and it was good, it’s tougher than other sea food. Everything turned out good on the grill and fresh sea food on the grill is always fantastic.

Overall this was a fun and busy weekend.


2 responses to “Busy Weekend

  1. haha…and I just sent you an email asking how your weekend was before reading this.

    sounds like you guys had a good time…was the octopus alive when you bought it??

  2. Yeah, it was a fun weekend. That’s not the actual octopus it’s just a random picture from the internet. Joe should have some pics of the real one.

    The ones we got were dead when we bought it and about a 1/10th of that size of that one. We got 3-4 of them for $2. I don’t know what I was expecting it to taste like but it tasted fine. I’d try it again

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