Summer in small town America

I would consider Poolesville a small town, my graduating class was just over 100 people and we don’t have a stop light so I’m classifying it as small town. I got a large dose of that small town feel after work yesterday.

I was at a BBQ on Sunday so getting up early to swim didn’t work out. I decided I would go to the outdoor community pool in town. I had actually never been there before and I enjoyed it. For one it was 25 meter pool which I had never swam in before, it took some getting used to going from yards to meters but I enjoyed it.

The ‘pool rats’ as I like to call them were out in full force. That’s what I was growing up, part of the group of little kids that would spend all afternoon playing at the pool. I found it funny that they do all the same things we use to do, try and splash the lifeguard, play sharks and minnows, and have diving competitions. I guess things don’t change that much.

After the pool I went up to the high school track for my run workout. As I was running to the track the neighborhood was full of families walking around and out enjoying the evening. Once I got to the track the youth football program was out doing tryouts/practice. There were little kids running around waiting for their older brother to finish up practice and parents catching up on how the summer had been going.

I went home and it was so nice out I decided to grill some stuff out back and just spend some time outside enjoying the day.  The only thing missing was if they would have been playing a movie or having a concert at the town park.

The point I want to make with this rambling is yesterday I felt like part of a community. I think that feeling is missing in a lot of places in America, and that is the cause of a lot of problems. I image yesterday was what it felt like everyday growing up a few decades ago.

Nowadays everyone gets so caught up in work and being plugged into the Internet, video games, etc..

Next time it’s nice out take the time to spend an evening outside, unplug and just enjoy the day

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