Yesterday my long weekend caught up with me. I had six hours worth of training Saturday and Sunday and then two and half on Monday with out as much sleep as I would have liked. It all caught up with me during my bike ride Tuesday.

It was just blah. About 28 miles of suck. I felt much better today and absolutely dominated my tempo run. It was a 1 mile warm up, 5 miles at marathon pace and a 1 mile cool down. My effort level wasn’t really high to keep on pace which is good. Hopeful my run focus will pay off with some good run splits in my triathlons the rest of the year.

Speaking of domination I dominated the “College Challenge” that the BAE Interns put on at work today. I was teamed up with Josh Baker. He was taking it very serious and even brought in a change of clothes.

Event #1 was cornhole. I had never played it before but knew how it worked so I was excited to play. The way it worked was you played against a team of interns, Brandon was talking a lot of trash about how he wasn’t going to lose any games all day. I took a few trys to get it but we were the only team all day to beat them. Dominate….


Event #2 Golf chipping

This event was a 25 yard chip trying to get the ball into a ring. Each person had five minutes to chip and get as many points as they could. The max amount of points you could have was 20. I wound up with 25. Dominate….

Event #3 Football Throw/Trivia

For this one you had to answer four Virginia Tech related trivia questions and for each one you got right you got to throw a football at a target. 4/4 Dominate…

Event #4 Boat Building

This was building a boat of aluminum foil to carry the most pennies. We reached the max of 50. Dominate…

Event #5 Trivia

This was random trivia you got 3 tries at each question, we got them all right. Dominate…

Favorite response of the day. Q: What explorer has a GPS unit named after them? Me: Garmin, Josh:TomTom.  

Event #6 More Trivia

This was trivia about intern program things. We got most of these right.

Event #7 Basketball

We did alright on this one but they changed the rules after us to let people have more shots.


Overall we completely dominated. And what did I get for my effort?

A $100 Gift Card to McCormick and Schmidts seafood. Sweet.

I also had some fun talking trash. I told Brandon ahead of time that me and Josh were going to win and I was going to enjoy my meal. Since we went first there was some time until it was official we won so after lunch I went up and printed out a menu for McCormick’s.

I circled what I wanted and brought it down to show Brandon and the other interns what I was going to have for dinner. They got a kick out of it, and I enjoy pull things like that and talking some trash.


So what did I circle? Crabcakesof course. Yum.

Based on the pictures can anyone complete the quote from one of my favorite movies?





Finish the quote. What Movie? What Character? And last, where was the scene shot?

I have a story about where this part of the movie was shot that I will share later.

I haven’t decided if I want to do this yet but if you can answer the questions maybe you join me when I use the gift card.


One response to “Dominate

  1. Heh. Where is the ‘the’? I can’t believe Brandon didn’t paint ‘the’ on the corn hole thingy.

    Ohio State sucks.


    that’s what Maryland does!

    Hope you don’t Wedding Crash. er.

    Too bad Zach “Sack” Lodge couldn’t make it.

    St. Michaels ain’t so bad, ever been to Harbourtowne?

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