Increased Cougar Activity at UMD

Apparently there has been an increase in cougar activity in and around the University of Maryland campus this summer.

I didn’t think there was too much cougar activity during my time at UMD, DC was another story though! Lots of very aggressive cougars there, found that out the hard way.  

I could be wrong because I didn’t spend to much time on campus during the summer, I was always working somewhere else. I could see why there would be an increase in activity during the summer. I think it can be attributed to two main factors.

1) A large portion of the student population leave for the summer so the cougars will have less competition for their ‘prey’.

2) Most of the people that do stay on campus are upperclassmen and graduate students so the cougars are betting on the fact they will be more receptive to being approached.







Oh, you mean they were talking about these kind of cougars. Never mind then. 

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