Whites Ferry Commuting

As part of my commute I go across Whites Ferry to and from work every day. Depending on how the timing works out it can take as little as five minutes if you don’t have to wait or twenty minutes if it leaves just when you pull up. Usually I have to wait about ten minutes or less so I bring a magazine to read while I wait.

It seems like most people do the same thing or just listen to the radio. Today I saw a new one, someone got of their car and grabbed a fishing pole from the trunk and started fishing in the Potomac. I guess that’s one way to pass the time and maybe bring home so dinner

4 responses to “Whites Ferry Commuting

  1. but what do you do with the fish all day?

    Not a bad plan, though I think that the ride is too short for meaningful fishing.

    I’m hoping to hit up a lake this weekend.

  2. This was in the afternoon on the way home so he wouldn’t have to wait to long.

    He wasn’t actually fishing off the side of the ferry, just down by the shore while he was waiting for the ferry so he got a good 10-15 minutes of fishing in.

  3. What time of day do you commute? Is there a time of day when the wait gets considerably worse?

    • I actually don’t commute on the ferry anymore but when I did I would get there ~6am and 5pm and it was never really bad. The only time it ever backs up a lot is on the weekend with people going back and forth to the Leesburg Outlets and the C&O canal.

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