Random Notes Monday

  • The marathon plan is going really well. I ran a 16 miler on Saturday and felt great the entire way. I have ran 22, 27, and 28 miles the last three weeks. I am definitely feeling a lot faster.
  • I changed the position on my triathlon bike and dropped some spacers to lower the handle bars since I am more flexable now. It feels a lot faster now. I’ll have to see at the race this weekend if is faster
  • I decided I am not going to do the Patriots Half Ironman, I want to focus on the marathon and doing that race would require about a week of recovery and I would have to miss a long run.
  • The weather has been perfect the last week it was 75 when I went up to the track this evening. There is definitely a lot more people out then when it is 95.
  • I had a pace car during my track workout today. I did 5×1000 meter repeats and a 3-5 year old was at the track on his bike and fascinated that I was running fast so he biked next to me. He actually cut me off a few times and almost ran me off the track.
  • I forgot to put socks in my swim bag this morning so I went sock-less at work today. It felt really good, I might do it again.
  • If you haven’t watched the mens 4×100 meter free relay watch it now!!!!! Wow what a race, US break the record in the premlims and the French start talking trash. The last leg by the US was amazing, 46 seconds! They broke the world record by over 4 seconds, and of the 8 eight teams in the final I think six of them broke the record.

2 responses to “Random Notes Monday

  1. Nice pace car!

    Sara would recommend the no socks thing, for me, socks come second to underwear in order of importance.

    The 4x100m free was amazing. I figured that we were done, with 25m to go and they had like a half body length lead. Jason Lezak dominated. He just wanted to win more. The French dude seemed to try too hard once he noticed that he might lose, his arm-speed changed.

  2. Joe and I were jumping up and down….screaming out heads off when we won….it was truly amazing!!

    That, is what the Olympics are all about….

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