End of the week

  • Maybe I should just be a duathlete because I have not swam laps in about 3 weeks. 2 of those weeks all the pools have been closed but some is because I didn’t want to wake up so early. Hopefully I can get some swimming in before my race in a couple of weeks.

  • My running has been going really well. I am getting a lot faster, the track workouts are a lot easier now. I think I can get close to a 43-44 10k in the triathlon. I haven’t been following the plan exactly, I have been working my way into the long runs with not as a far as prescribed but this weekends went really well, 15 miles at marathon pace+30 secs per mile.
  •  I stayed up and watched Obama’s speech at the convention this week. I was impressed with a lot of what he had to say. I don’t recall exactly what he said but it was when he talked about hiring more teacher and paying them more but also holding them accountable for performance. I like what he said next that none of that will matter if parents are held accountable for helping their children get this education. 
  • I also thought the ending was powerful when he said the campaign was not about him it was about everyone that put him there. I think that was the main reason for the stadium location, to show that all those people were behind him. I didn’t really see any articles pick up on this point but so I don’t think it really stuck
  • I have been doing house shopping the last couple of weeks. What a mess that is. All they do is try to throw numbers and programs and anything else they can think of at you hoping you just buy the darn thing. I am looking into Brambleton VA it’s a really nice neighborhood about 15-20 minutes from work but it is kind of expensive. You are paying to be in that location but I would be really happy with it. I also looked in Haymarket, VA it is much longer commute, 45min-1hr but you get a lot more house for the money and I would like that area as well, not as much as brambleton but it’s still nice and has what I want. I don’t think I could do the commute though, it’s the classic house size vs commute trade. I also need to decide if I want to do something soon or wait until this spring. If I do spring I could have a little more money in the bank but what worries me about waiting is what will happen with the interest rates. I have a lot of thinking to do. 

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