It’s good I suck at swimming

I went swimming for the first time since my last race. It has been a combination of pools being closed, focusing on running, and just being lazy for the lack of swim workouts.

I am doing the Nations Triathlon next weekend so I wanted to make sure I could still swim. To my surprise I didn’t really have any of a drop off in my swim times and with all the running I have been doing I didn’t lose any endurance, so everything is fine. If I was actually good at swimming I would imagine going that long without swimming would make difference. 

They posted the swim wave start times for the race and I was disappointed to see that my age group is the 10thor so wave, about an hour after the first wave. I don’t mind having the crowded swim but I don’t like it when that many people are out on the bike course, it can get crowded and dangerous, this race is going to have about 3,500 people so the bike course is going to be really crowded. It should be fun biking and running in downtown DC, I am really looking forward to it.

I have decided buying in Haymarket isn’t going to be an option because it’s to far from work. I have also started to look at resale townhomes in Ashburn, and Leesburg. I have been using this site. I also found this one in Reston. It’s a lot older then what I was looking for but it is only 2.5 miles from work and looks like it has been taken care of.


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