Poolesville Day 5k

I ran the Poolesville day 5k today. I decided to do this race since I backed out of the Nations Triathlon last weekend and I haven’t raced in about a month. The race is part of the Poolesville Day celebration and is in it’s 17th year. It runs through the neighborhood going right past the house and is relatively flat.

Race morning all I had to do was roll out of bed and the jog the quarter mile up to the start line. I got to the start about twenty minutes before the race. It was chilly out so I kept jogging and doing quick pickups to stay warm and lose.

I started the race near the front, just behind the high school cross country team. I ran the first mile a little faster then I wanted to but still felt alright, you could see a lot of people going out a lot faster then they should. I settled into my pace for mile two, and then picked it up and was passing a lot of people on the last mile. It was a quick and uneventful race, I probably could have ran the last mile faster but my legs just didn’t want to turn over that fast.

I finished in 21:40 which is about 6:5x minutes per mile. I think I have run faster 5k’s in a few triathlons but those were probably short and not a true 5k, so I will call this a PR. I finished third in the 20-29 age group and 21 overall, of the twenty people ahead of me 11 were on the cross country team. It wasn’t a very fast field but this was the first time I have ever won an award in a running race, so that was cool.

I was surprised that they gave out prize money at this race. They went $100, $75, $50 for overall men’s and women’s. An 11 year old girl came in third overall on the women’s side which I thought was impressive.


And after the race I went and got 10 more miles of running done along the C and O canal.


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