Up and Down Sugarloaf Mountain


I did a fun workout last week that I had wanted to do for a while. I drove to the base of Sugarloaf Mountain and went up and down until they closed the park for darkness. I was planning on doing 5 repeats but was only able to do 4 before the park closed. My bike workouts had gotten kind of lazy and this was the kick in the ass I needed to getting going again to get ready for my last race.

It is a fun climb that enjoy doing ad include it on a lot of my rides. It’s about a mile long and you gain around 500 feet in elevation. The top of Sugarloaf is about 100 feet higher but you can’t get that high on a bike. I have gone trail running around Sugarloaf, and ran on trails from the base to the top, it’s a really hard workout. I’m going to do that workout a few more times this fall but I am going to wait until after he marathon so I don’t have to worry about spraining an ankle.

The climb on the bike is not very steep, the road switches back a few times and is mostly long stretches at a constant grade. The Garmin says it is in the high single digits most of the way with a few stretches in the low teens. You can make it harder by cutting the corners tight to increase the grade.

From doing this workout I have also found that I am wuss when it comes to descents. I was on the brakes the entire way down, I just didn’t feel comfortable making high speed turns, I think I will figure it out as I do it more.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to do this workout very often since the days are getting shorter. I will be able to do it on my off Friday every other week though. I don’t think I would do repeats on the weekend because the road is not very wide and there is fair amount of traffic on the weekends but it was part of a longer ride early in the day I would still include it.

I am going to New Hampshire in October and I am looking forward to some real climbs (not really doing that one). Once my marathon is over I think I will venture out to Skyline drive and maybe a few other places this fall to get some more climbing in.

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