What Do 2,000 Krispy Kremes Look Like?


I now know the answer to this question. It fills the back two rows of mini van about 4-5 boxes high.

I have found a new perk of crossing whites ferry at 6am, the occasional box of free doughnuts. The person in front of me this morning had 2,000 krispy kremes that he was taking to work for a fund raiser. He came around and offered everyone a glazed doughnut. I hadn’t had anything to eat yet so I was very excited with that. Then about half way across the river he came back with an entire box and said they had given him five extra boxes so everyone on the ferry got a free dozen doughnuts. Unfortunately I have still never had a “fresh” krispy kreme, the ones in the store that have just finished baking, I hear it’s fantastic. 


This evening the weather was perfect for running, low 60s and a slight breeze. I had an awesome 8 mile tempo run today and feel really good about my running heading into the marathon. And that krispy kreme tasted great after my run.   

Maybe I should save the rest of the box and start practicing for the Krisp Kreme Challenge it could be my first race of 2009.

5 responses to “What Do 2,000 Krispy Kremes Look Like?

  1. Can I go with you?

    Sounds like my kind of race…
    4 miles … check
    12 donuts … check.

    If they are “hot now” then i can do a dozen no problems, they tend to almost melt in your mouth when they are still warm.

  2. I don’t think they will be “hot now” I saw an article that said they had to truck them in from another store for last years race they needed so many.

    Maybe I’ll get a practice run in at the end of October when I’m in Atlanta; run from campus to the store on Ponce, eat and then run back

    It’ at the start of Feb next year, I think Spam should have some insight about this event since he is an NC State guy.

  3. Well,,,you ARE coming to Atlanta soon. Maybe we’ll stop by Krispy Kreme and get lucky this time… 🙂

    I really am not a “Hot Now” fanatic…I just love watching them make the donuts!

    oh…and just the thought of that race makes my tummy not feel so good!!! bleh. I wonder what kind of training would one have to do for that???

  4. The BEST kind of training!



  5. They actually do keep the donuts hot. They truck them in, but they keep the truck warm, so the donuts are still warm too. I’ve actually been wanting to try to do a KK Challenge here. The distance is shorter, but it’s about 1-1.5 miles from Tech Tower to the KK on Ponce in Atlanta.

    Also, If you wanted a slightly longer one, the US 10K Classic on Cobb Pkwy has a KK at around the 5 mile marker. Once I feel like I can run pretty well, I’m going to start training for the KK Challenge and make it up to Raleigh to compete some day.

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