Damn You Barack Obama


Because of you my drive home yesterday took two and half hours.

Just so you know the infrastructure in Leesburg is not designed to support 30,000 people. And a 5:00 start time? That only made things worse because the people that weren’t going got stuck behind the rally traffic.

But really, it was good that he stopped by, I wanted to go and see him talk but couldn’t get out of work early enough.


After work today I rode the metro over to the armory and picked up my packet for  the marine corps marathon. I haven’t been to excited about this race the last few weeks but as it gets closer I am starting to get excited. The weather looks like it should be in the mid 60s and if things go well I should be able to run between 3:45:00 and 3:50:00.


In more random thoughts, I have been listening to CSPAN at work and some of the finical hearings that have been going on. Greenspan was there today and raised a couple of interesting points about regulation.

  • He made the point that a lot of what regulators do is trying to predict how things are going to turn, and in a best case scenario they are right 60% of the time.
  • The people at the hearing also argued about the role of more regulation and if regulators already had  the tools in place to prevent the ‘crisis’.
  •  Then it totally devolved into name calling and which party is at fault for the ‘crisis’. They included golden parachute references and who broke laws and should be going to jail.

Here is an analogy between the financial and highway driving I thought of.

The government has decided the speed limit is 55 mph. Everyone starts out going 55 mph until someone decides to take a risk and go a little faster then the speed limit. Nobody sees anything bad happen to the speeder, he just got where he was going faster (more risk, more profits). Now everyone decides it is a good idea to drive 65 mph. Next thing you know everyone is driving 75 mph, then 85 mph ….

There are a couple of ways to handle this problem

  • Ignore it until everyone is going 150 mph and one day there is a horrible crash because someone wasn’t paying attention/ couldn’t handle the speed and everyone else couldn’t reach in the time and the highway is closed and backed up for hours. (This is what happened)
  • Or you could throw an enormous amount of resources at the issue and punish everyone who goes 1 mph over the speed limit. (That’s what it seems like most people in the government want to do)
  • Use resources wisely and catch the excess speeders, making everyone aware that the cops are out there and mean business. (This is what I think they should do)

The analogy doesn’t work exactly because speeding is breaking law but I haven’t seen the convincing evidence yet that laws were broken in this fiasco, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are coming.

2 responses to “Damn You Barack Obama

  1. I like your analogy!!

    Good luck on the Marathon! I can’t believe its here already!!

    Joe tried to go early vote yesterday…and the line was around the block. I couldn’t believe it…it’s like everyone is going crazy the election season. Sorry you missed seeing Barack but, hopefully you have smooth commutes here on out!!…

  2. One problem with the analogy here is that, when you see a speeder, you can tell that he’s speeding pretty accurately. I’m not educated enough to be able to say how easy or difficult it is to tell when a company is breaking the law.

    More importantly, how many of the companies that have failed actually broke the law? It sounded like a lot of them just made poor decisions that were technically legal.

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