Getting Back to it

I took a couple of weeks off after the marathon and this week felt rested up enough to start training again. So I started my “off-season” training plan. It is not going to be a lot of volume, about 6-7 hours a week because of the limited day light I have available. Since they are shorter it is going to be a lot of high intensity intervals, and lots of hard work. It is going to be light on the swimming, about once or twice a week, I just see the ROI of getting up at 4:00 am every morning to go swimming when my next big race isn’t until June.

One of the things I did this week was a 5k to gauge my fitness and set some heart rate training zones. I did the Candy Cane City 5k put on by the Montgomery County Road Runners Club. It was a club race so it only cost $5 and was a lot more then I was expecting, I wasn’t even expecting race numbers. I ran a 22:10 which was 20 sec slower the pre marathon 5k, I guess my legs are still a little tired, and the 5 pounds I put on since the marathon probably didn’t help either. The race was in Rock Creek Park, which I haven’t been to in a long time but I can remember taking trips to this park when I was younger (~4-5 years old) to visit the horse barn. 

One of the reasons I like Montgomery county so much was this weekends outdoor activities. I did the 5k in Chevy Chase, which actually went into DC a little bit and is very Urban feeling and then I did my 30 mile bike ride this morning on back roads in western Montgomery county and saw about ten cars the entire ride.

Because most of my workouts are intervals at certain heart rate zones I decided to use the workout feature on my garmin for the first time today. You create the workout on the computer, upload it and garmin beeps at you if you are out of the desired zone. I was very impressed with the feature and kind of upset I have not taken advantage of this in the year that I have had the device, I am going to be using it a lot more.

I am also starting to look into what I want to do with the next year. I already have Eagleman in June and the Columbia Triathlon in May. I am leaning heavily towards the new Augusta half ironman race at the end of September as the big race for the second half of the year.

For filling out the rest of the year I am thinking about St Anthony’s Triathlon, and possibly something like the Longhorn half Ironman or Las Vegas Marathon or Half Marathon     to end the year depending on how things are going. I enjoyed the Set Up Events races I did this year and will try to fit a few in. I am also would to get back to Atlanta for the ING Hal Marathon.  And then there is always the possibility of a trip to Vegas for Aviation Nation in early November.


3 responses to “Getting Back to it

  1. I like the plan for Aviation Nation… Count me in?

  2. I was wondering if you have ever done the Las Vegas Tri (half) put on by Mountain Man Events? I’m wondering about the difficulty level? I am trying to compare it to the Mountain Man Tri (half) I did last july?

    It seems times are quite a bit slower for the Las Vegas and I cant imagine anything harder than Flagstaff!

    Just trying to plan out my summer!

    • Nope I haven’t done that race sorry I can’t help you out. It does look like it shares part of the course from Silverman which I’ve heard is difficult so I’d guess the Las Vegas Tri has some hills.

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