They’re all laughing at me

Today’s workout was an hours worth of intervals on the bike inside and then quick 30 minute run. This gave me a chance to try out my new toy:


I was also wearing a reflective vest for safety even thought I was on sidewalks most of the time.

The returns were mixed. The headlamp worked great, it stayed in place and the spots on my run where the street lights are spaced far apart the headlamp was enough for me to see where I was stepping. The negative is I looked like a total dork and got laughed at by two different people out walking their dog, one snicker and one laugh. I think what contributed to this is for about 85% of my run I don’t need the light and if I was out for a walk there would be no need for it at all, the issue is my history of sprained ankles so any help I can get I’ll take.

I guess I’ll just have to deal with the looks, because it’s going to look even funnier tomorrow night when I run around the track with my light on

One response to “They’re all laughing at me

  1. I’d laugh at you.

    But, I’d bet those people couldn’t run a marathon.

    I look dorky sometimes on the moped, especially when it is raining. But I am getting over 100 mpg and having fun.

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