Bush and Obama met this week and it seems like it went really well and they had some productive conversations.

In the spirit of goodwill and cooperation Bush has decided to show the Obama campaign Dick Chaney invited Joe Biden and his wife to his home lair at the Naval Observatory today to discuss the transition of power.
In the past Biden has said Dick Cheney is “probably the most dangerous vice president we’ve had” andBiden has also said he will not run his vice presidency like a “shadow operation”.

That’s going to be an awkward first couple of minutes today. 

Mr. Biden, even if things seem to go well today and Cheney ask you to come back to meet with him again and maybe go hunting, just say no. It’s all part of his evil plan. 

One response to “Awkward

  1. I can hear it now…

    “Mwuah-ha-ha-ha!!!!! He will never suspect a thing!!!”

    I thought it would be awkward for Obama as well for as many times he was quoted knocking Bush and his ‘failed policies’. I mean, do you address that? Or just politely go on the tour of your new house?…

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