Weird Night at the Track

Wednesdays are going to be tempo runs of about an hour for the foreseeable future. Most of these intervals are 1.5 to 2 mile range and the workout comes in around 6-8 miles total so that can get kind of boring on the track.

I had the great idea this week to do the run right after work so that I get to run in the daylight, and I packed up everything the night before but when I go out to the back from car after work it looks kind of empty. Turns out I forgot to pack my shoes and it’s hard to a run in these:


So I had to go home and do my run in the dark again.


It was cold, windy, and dark already so I wasn’t expecting to see anyone else at the track but to my surprise I was not alone.  

Here is what I saw:

  • A high school kid who was probably a wrestler trying to make weight because he was running stadium steps with about ten layers of clothes on to sweat off those last few pounds
  • A couple walking around the track with a dog. Both of them were talking on the cell phone most of the time. The dog seemed very confused by the headlamp each time I went by, I don’t think he ever figured out it was a person.
  • When I was almost done an older guy came out wondered around the football field on the inside of the track. He had a flashlight duck taped to the end of a tree limb/stick that he was carrying over his shoulder.

Also I got tickets and am going to the Maryland Flordia State game Saturday night.


One response to “Weird Night at the Track

  1. Next time you pass people with your headlamp on, you should totally make nosies like a train.

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