Party Time

The DC council wants you to party. In emergency legislation the DC council approved extending the hours to serve alcohol during a few days around the inauguration.

This just screams not well thought out. First is the member who proposed the legislation did not even vote for it because it was amended to include clubs. Second, and probably more important from a safety point of view is METRO hours have not been extended yet.

And I think I have an early front runner for most akward Chirstmas gift.

One response to “Party Time


    My people list of “no present selected for you” just went down 50%.

    Interesting that they did not change the metro hours. My only question is, are people getting smashed to celebrate or to drown their sorrows? Based on the DC vote, 93% will be celebrating to 7% drowning. I assume the numbers will be slightly different, because I bet that many of the people that go into town that night will be from outside of DC proper.

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