Ice Ice Baby

I got my first taste of winter last night after having been in Atlanta the last two years and not having a real winter. Early in the afternoon we started to get a light busting of snow. Driving back to Frederick in the evening to drop my younger cousin off the roads were getting really bad and it was starting to snow a little heavier. The real problem was the bridges, when they have the signs up that “bridge ices before road” they are there for a reason.

The road about a 1/2 mile from his house was closed because the bridge at the bottom of the hill was to icy for people to stop on. So we had to turn around and go back on I-70 which was a mess, traffic was averaging between 30-40 mph and all the bridges were a mess. 

It stopped snowing about an hour later and the roads cleared up later in the evening, but it was a mess for a few hours. The interesting thing is the roads were not salted beforehand even though there was a very good chance of a dusting, maybe that is going to be the new plan because of budget cuts and they don’t want to waste the salt?

And to reinforce what I already knew, at least 30% of the people in the DC metro area do not know how to safely operate a motorize vehicle. When when it’s snowing and icy you need to find a happy medium between:

  1.  Pretending that the road conditions have not changed and going 70+ riding on every ones bumper.
  2. Going 5 mph+ with your hazard lights on in the middle lane of a major highway.


Earlier in the day I ran another 5k which was in Fairfax, the Rudolph red nose 5k. That’s me with Rudolph and one of the volunteers.


I did the 10k a few years ago and really liked it they have some good post race food with hot chocolate, apple cider, home mad cookies, and a bon fire. This year was the first time they had a 5k so I gave that a try this year.

The 5k was a lot smaller than the 10k, about 75-100 people. The course had a decent sized hill at the start and was out and back over rolling terrain the rest of the way.

I finished 7th overall for this race with a time of 21:20, given the hills I would say it was a better effort then the 21:10 I ran at the turkey day race last week. So I am happy with this. I had the 6th and 5th place person about 200 feet in front of me the last mile but couldn’t reel them in. I won the 20-29 AG and won a medal and a little gift basket with some ornaments and candy.

One response to “Ice Ice Baby

  1. Question,

    Did the Rudolph nose blink or light up?

    At least people didn’t empty the grocery store shelfs upon hearing that a dusting may happen. I do believe around where I live, if there is snow, the law says that you have to get on the road, and when you are going over 30 mph, cut a really hard right or left. You should end up crashing through a fence and find yourself in a ditch.

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