I am trying to decide if I will go to the Inauguration. I am leaning towards not going because of the crowds, mainly the strain it will have on METRO and other public transportation options. I need to look into how the National Mall will be set up to accommodate the crowds because if I am a mile away from the Capitol and I can not see or hear anything I don’t know how valuable it would be to trek down to DC.

On the other hand I am so close to DC and this is a historic event I feel like I should go and I would be wasting a great opportunity if I don’t. I am still  on the fence about going or not so any input would be appreciated.

3 responses to “Inauguration

  1. So, we have a mother-in-law opinion of “If he can go, he should go”

    I think you should go, try and find a friend with a lot of patience. I hope to get to an inauguration at some point, it would be interesting to see for just about any president. Try and make some friends and get into some of the after parties, I hear the after parties are going to be a really good time. Bring like a book on tape or something, I have a feeling that security will be tight and everyone will be wearing coats.

  2. any decisions yet?? I want you to go so that I can vicariously live thru you!! haha 🙂

  3. No decision yet. It will probably be last minute depending on work, the weather, and who else I know that is going.

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