New Years Resolution

I’m not a big fan of new years resolutions. I think if you want to change or do something new there is no need to wait for the new year to start. Get it done now.

So while I don’t have any New Years resolutions I will share some of my goals for the 2009 Triathlon season.

My Big race for the first half of next year is the Eagleman half Ironman triathlon, so here are my goals for that:

  1. Beat my half Ironman time from last year (as long as I don’t get another flat, this is a given)
  2. Break 5 hours (35:00 swim, 2:35 bike, 1:45 run, 5:00 for transitions) 
  3. If I get lucky get a slot for the half Ironman world championships  

Other racing goals:

  1. Break 20 min in a 5k
  2. Break 1:40 in a half marathon
  3. Go under 2:20:00 in an Olympic distance triathlon

I’m not going to set goals for the second half of the year because depending on what I happens with goal #3 for Eagleman I might have another half Ironman in November, but if not I will probably do a marathon, or another half marathon.

There are intermediate steps that go into meeting these goals, it will be hard work but I know they are in reach. I had a good first triathlon season and I’m looking to keep the ball rolling heading into this year.

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