Rest of this Year

I wrote earlier about my plans and goals for this year. The second half of the year is still up in the air depending on what happens with qualifying for other races. I think I am going to run a late season 1/2 or full marathon so I need one that isn’t going to fill up fast so I register in the fall. I did some searching and think I found one I like, the Las Vegas Marathon in December. Because any excuse to go to Vegas is a good one.

Thinking about the rest of 2009 got me to think about what race I want to do in 2010 and I came up with a good one, I better start saving now.

 The Monaco Half Ironman. How awesome would that be to go to the Monte Carlo Casino, maybe visit France and some other places in Europe for a week or two. Plus I have never been to Europe and I did take 3 years of French so I should have some of it left in my brain wanting to come out.

The Bike looks tough with 3 significant climbs. It looks you climb out of town and then ride through France then the run goes through downtown on a similar route to the famous Formal 1 race course. 


 The next step is to read some reports from the people that have done this race to make sure it really is as good as it seem. Then price out how much it would cost and decide.

If I am going to do this race I would need a support crew to come along with because going somewhere like Vegas or Monaco is not as fun if you go by yourself. Just like everything else in Monaco the race directors have thought of something to keep rich guests busy during the day, the VIP spectator program. 

What do you get with the VIP program? A VIP breakfast and special access to the start area. Another VIP area with cocktails and food on the balcony of the Hotel de Paris, and a meet and greet with champions of the race. You also get a special VIP aid station out of the bike course.

Well if you have a VIP area at the start, how do you get out on the bike course if the roads are going to be closed? On a private helichopter that’s how. 


Sounds like fun. I probably won’t have the money to do this but what an awesome experience it would be.

One response to “Rest of this Year

  1. Sign me up for the entourage

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