Damn Cold

It has been cold, cold, cold the last few days. Crossing the ferry this morning was interesting. Sheets of ice were floating down the Potomac bumping into the side of the ferry.

The ferry is on a cable and when it’s really cold the cable can have ice build up on it and jam the pulley so they have come up with a very high tech solution to combat this problem. A Fire Bucket. They have a bucket with a flame in it hanging below each pulley to thaw the cable.

I guess it didn’t work well enough today because the Ferry was closed this afternoon and I had to go around the beltway instead.

I just got done running and it was so cold I got some sweaticles.

One response to “Damn Cold

  1. Are sweaticles real?

    If it feels like 0 here, it has to be COLD COLD up there….

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