Off Friday

I had another off Friday this week and it was a nice day with a high of 55* so I took advantage of it.


I the day by going swimming. This was the first time I went swimming in a LONG time, the middle of October to be exact. It took me twenty minutes of searching around the house to find a pair of goggles.

My swim wasn’t as bad I was thinking. I swam for 2000 yards and for the first 500 I was able to swim at last years pace, but I got tired as it wore on and today my shoulders feel like they are going to fall off. I was happy with the workout and going to try and start swimming once a week as m off season winds down and the season starts again.

It was warm enough outside that all the ice and snow had melted and I was able to ride my bike outside very comfortably so I took advantage of it. I rode out of town to Sugar-loaf mountain, and climbed it and headed home. I rode just short of 30 miles. On the way back it got very windy and I was getting blown around the road.


You can find the workout here. This was the first time I rode outside with my power-meter (review coming soon) and it definitely is a lot easier to put out higher watts outside then on the trainer, but a lot harder to be consistent with the output. Looking through the data I was surprised to see that 14% of the time I was not pedaling.

I finished the day off with a short 3 mile run. As it starts to warm up I want to make this a regular occurrence of getting in some extra bike miles.

Oh, and as I write this Maryland just lost to Duke 85-44, ouch!!


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