Quick Update

  • I finally got done reading Tipping Point. I think it was well written and an interesting book, I just wasn’t that impressed by his assertions and some of his ideas. I might give one of his other books a read though.


  • My triathlon training has been going really well. I’m looking forward to the racing season and seeing how much I have improved. And it should be warm enough that I can ride outside this weekend.
  • Today I was actually able to finish my track workout before it got completely dark.
  • I am leaning towards adding the ING Georgia Half Marathon at the end of March to my schedule.
  • I might go hiking this Friday at the Shenandoah National Park.
  • I am very upset with how the whole “bail out” situation is playing out
  • I just saw a headline for a new addition to the legislation that got approved for a $15,000 home buyer tax credit. If this is an actual credit that does not have to be repaid back, great that got me off the fence and makes me want to buy a home. If it is just an increase of the current $7,500 credit it is a horrible idea and won’t make things better, it’s just political eye candy.

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