Long Weekend

I had an off Friday this weekend and the weather was great outside, in the 50’s Friday and Saturday and hitting the 60’s Sunday.


Workout #1: 2000 yards of swimming. I felt a lot better in the water then a couple of weeks ago. I was a little bit faster then last time as well, but the main thing I want to accomplish is to get used to swimming again so when I start again it isn’t a steep curve to get back in swim shape.

Workout #2: 9 mile run including 6 miles at half marathon pace (7:25 min per mile). I felt good doing this and when rested up I think I am capable of holding this pace so the goal is sub 1:40:00 at which ever half marathon I decide to run this spring.


I put together parts from shorter rides I do and made a 45 mile ride around Montgomery county and Frederick county including a climb up Sugarloaf Mountain.


Here’s a picture on the way back down. I brought a camera with me and wanted to take some pictures from east and west overlook but because it was so nice out the parking lots were completely full and I couldn’t get to where I wanted to.

Below is the route on google earth. It wasn’t really to exciting because I ride these roads all the time, I just wanted to get out and ride.


After the ride I went for a 3 mile run.


I was looking forward to this ride, 43 mile ride through rural Loudoun county, including Leesburg, Waterford, Lovetsville, and Purciville.

The start of this ride was rough, it was uphill for the first 3-4 miles and I had a strong headwind. Add to that I felt exhausted from the ride Saturday but I sucked it up and after about 30 minutes I felt fine and was able to finish up the ride.

I intended to bring the camera with me to take some pictures along the ride but forgot it. The ride is mostly rolling going past a lot of horse and cattle farms, and plenty of wineries.  I think I am going to call this the wine tasting ride because of how many I went past. The blue is route I did and each purple tag is a winery that is part of the Loudoun county wine trail.


 I do love me some wine so I wonder if I could turn this into a wine tasting ride? Maybe stop at five or six of these as I am out for a ride. It could be interesting, I wonder if you can get a ticket for drunk biking?

I am actually drinking a glass of elderberry wine from Village Winery right now. It has an interesting taste.


This weekend was nice and I took advantage of by get outside as much as I could. The grand total for this week was just shy of 11 hours of training.


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