Step 1: Remove Parts from Old Bike

Step one in my new bike build was to strip all the old parts off my frame. I was successfully able to do that Saturday afternoon. The only problem was I broke my chain removal tool the first time I used it. I was probably using it wrong so I had to get a new one. 


The only other problem was when I was inspecting the frame. If you look in the picture, right above where the crank would be it looks like the frame is dented. I did some research on-line and it looks like could be an intentional dent to allow the front derailleur to move freely. I’m going to take it to a dealer Monday or Tuesday just to be safe, so that has delayed the next steps in my bike project.


Since I took all the parts off my bike I have them sitting in a box. The parts are past their prime and I wouldn’t put them on another frame so I’ll probably take apart all the pieces to see how the pulleys and springs work.



One response to “Step 1: Remove Parts from Old Bike

  1. Nice occlusion on the license plate.

    Its neat that you are putting it together, then you can fix it and adjust it whenever you need to.

    So, I don’t know much about bikes, do you have two sets of brakes on that thing? One set for “reg” handle bars, and the other set for the “I’m tucked in” handle bars? If so, do both just go to a “Y” type junction and pull on the same cable? Or how is that all connected?

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