MCRRC Country Road Run 5 mile Race

I did another MCRRCrace on Sunday, a 5 mile race in Olney MD  that took place at Olney Manor Park. I spent a lot of nights here playing baseball games, I would guess twenty to thirty games a year just at this field.

The was a simple out and back course and I was surprised to hear the road was not going to be closed to traffic but it was a sleepy back road so it wasn’t a big deal. I only saw two cars and so many people were on the road the cars had to go really slow anyway.


This weekend wasn’t as good as last and it was only in the 30’s at the start of the race but once I got going it didn’t really bother me.



The rae was very hilly, and I ran a little bit slower then I wanted to. I did 37:28 (just under 7:30 minutes per mile) I was shooting for around 36:00. It was fun to race again, and I was able to pick of f a few people towards the end of the race which is always fun.


After the race was a great spread of food, doughnuts, coffe, bagels and cream chesse, and bootles of “G”. Really gatorade what the hell, “G” just call it gatoradae.

And if you are a memberof the club, I think it was $10 or $15 for the year the race entry and the food is all free. It’s a great deal, you can’t beat it.

One response to “MCRRC Country Road Run 5 mile Race

  1. I love the picture of you running and it seems like everyone else is blurry!

    So does “Gatorade” not exist anymore? Only the street-cred version -” G” is left? I’m confused….

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