I wanted to read it before the movie came out so I bought Watchmen last week and finished it up last night.


There has been a lot of hype around this movie but I didn’t really get it after seeing the trailers. Now I get it and really excited to see the movie. I want to see what they do with the story and what they add / subtract. Visually it looks like it will be amazing, and I’m going to try and see it in IMAX.


Overall I was very impressed with the story and how it was written, not a lot of wasted time. I’m not going to write about the story line in case you haven’t read it but I would recommend doing so before seeing the movie.

I enjoyed the graphic novel format because you have dialog  to develop the characters and story but there are also the visual elements relating to story as you read along.  I’m sure there were lots of visual clues in the background that I missed along the way and I should go back and reread it. There are also little text segments at the end of each chapter that provide a little more context and add to the story. The story itself is very dark and does a great job of bringing up moral issues and makes you “would I do that?”

So my verdict is read it if you haven’t yet.


One response to “Watchmen

  1. I was thinking about IMAX also, but then I thought that I might enjoy a regular movie more.

    In IMAX you have to move your head to really see the whole screen. In a regular theater you can just move your eyes. Since there will be so many visual things and cues back to the graphic novel, I wanted to be able to catch them without taking the time to move my head…

    thoughts on that theory?

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